why audio?

i get a lot of feedback, that you guys enjoy the recordings. that is great to hear! i love making them :) i have to admit, i did not plan to make an audio-blog, it just kinda happened. but the truth is – i love recording (e.g. audiobooks) and there is a part of me, which never really accepted that i quit the radio…

picking up the story from the “about me” page…
….i also really wanted to work in the radio. a late-night storytelling/music show preferably. i mean – who would not want that? a perfect marriage of the introvert and the social exhibitionist in me. while studying in warsaw i went to my – back then – favourite radio-station’s open day. polish radio programme III seemed like a dream, unreal and definitely out of reach. i grew up listening to it with my parents, then at the beginning of my teenage time. it was this radio-station, which brought me grunge, having me sitting breathless in front of the speakers… and suddenly years went by in a second and i was there. inside the building. witnessing the atmospheric concert-hall, glass-walls between the news-room and the technician, the microphones and turn-tables. the guy in the studio asked the visitors – “would anybody like to record a short sample of their voice, just to see how it feels?” oh, you bet i did. my whole body was shaking, but – heavens above! – i made it to the other side of the glass wall, sat in front of the microphone… it felt blissful. it felt RIGHT. ten seconds felt like years. phantasy having a feast, spinning all the scenarios i never dared to dream of…
he told me “you should come back here one day”. it took me less than a year to get an internship there. i spent three months job-shadowing people in reportage team, news department (getting up before 4am in winter in poland – that’s a hard one!) and then – yes, also in my favourite music show…
i have to admit this short affair with the media was rather disillusioning though. but i still remember the joy when friends would call me, saying “i heard you on the radio! now haven’t i?”

i am happy to be playing with audio and voice more and more. and start sharing it. a part of me has always been missing it. now it looks like i’m finding a way (or a way is finding me).
what secret dreams do you still have? what wants to get out to the open? maybe it knows a way?

this time an audio of crickets, from the beskids mountains on a summer night…

third recording – 14. august 2014 – babia góra, poland




this one has been taken hiking up the highest peak of beskids, on the polish-slovak boarder, on a sunny summer day. you can certainly hear me walking up the mountain… but you can also hear the beautiful birds and rivers.

this time the recording is in english….



a word to the parts:

– “territory one” is searching for the definition




– “territory two” is on how territory is created based on our values. it is the first social metaphor* i present here.




– “territory three” is a short and sweet one on the pain of coming up with new insights


* social metaphors
here i work with both, the dictionary understanding of a metaphor (a metaphor as a phrase that describes a subject by asserting that it is, on some point of comparison, the same as another otherwise unrelated object) as well a situation, in which one incident triggers an exploration of what’s behind and on the meta level, and so helps one understand a broader context, also work through challenges in a creative and non-linear way.

second recording – 29. may 2014 – santander, spain




this one, again in polish, is about strength. the strength you find in yourself, when others tell you: do not do it, it is not worth it, it will not work out. and you do not listen to them, but try it instead.

i am one who will always rather test and prototype. i just HAVE TO find out “what would happen, if”. i could not settle for “it probably would not have worked out”. i know no-one knows for sure. and i let my curiosity lead me. and yes, it does come at a price. i would never say it doesn’t. but this price i am willing to pay. for i always see a beauty in where it gets me. one i would not like to miss.



first recording – 28. may 2014 – santander, spain



jogging at the atlantic coast, out of breath, with wind in my hair and sandy dunes under feet, i started recording the stories i have been rehearsing in my head for so long. i know all of them already, so i guess i was rehearsing them for you : ) here we go…

the first and second recordings are in polish, the third one is in english.



(the short story in the first one, for non-polish speakers, is on how i was not born where i was meant to lead my life. for so many reasons.)