third recording – 14. august 2014 – babia góra, poland




this one has been taken hiking up the highest peak of beskids, on the polish-slovak boarder, on a sunny summer day. you can certainly hear me walking up the mountain… but you can also hear the beautiful birds and rivers.

this time the recording is in english….



a word to the parts:

– “territory one” is searching for the definition




– “territory two” is on how territory is created based on our values. it is the first social metaphor* i present here.




– “territory three” is a short and sweet one on the pain of coming up with new insights


* social metaphors
here i work with both, the dictionary understanding of a metaphor (a metaphor as a phrase that describes a subject by asserting that it is, on some point of comparison, the same as another otherwise unrelated object) as well a situation, in which one incident triggers an exploration of what’s behind and on the meta level, and so helps one understand a broader context, also work through challenges in a creative and non-linear way.

2 thoughts on “third recording – 14. august 2014 – babia góra, poland”

  1. hey aneta,
    thanks for your comment. doing this recording i started wondering, if partly with territory the case is not similar to social privileges. that would mean, that you’d need others to fully see what your territory is composed of. i am not sure, but as i was searching for elements that were constant in my life (having a very much on-the-road and diverse life) asking others to help me identify it was very insightful.

  2. another thought – territory is also about searching for the right things in the wrong places. good night :)

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