second recording – 29. may 2014 – santander, spain




this one, again in polish, is about strength. the strength you find in yourself, when others tell you: do not do it, it is not worth it, it will not work out. and you do not listen to them, but try it instead.

i am one who will always rather test and prototype. i just HAVE TO find out “what would happen, if”. i could not settle for “it probably would not have worked out”. i know no-one knows for sure. and i let my curiosity lead me. and yes, it does come at a price. i would never say it doesn’t. but this price i am willing to pay. for i always see a beauty in where it gets me. one i would not like to miss.



1 thought on “second recording – 29. may 2014 – santander, spain”

  1. czesc sylwia! ja tez lubie ta historie i jej nauke. nagram po niemiecku, chetnie. dam znaka jak bedzie. dzieki za request :)

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