a self-organisation geek — a social-metaphor hunter — a passionate human

i am constantly searching for greatness and beauty. for a deeper understanding of how things work. and how we can make them work, for and with us. looking at what is visible and what remains hidden.

welcome and enjoy!


this blog is divided into two sections: my work and my journey.

in my work you can see examples of interventions i facilitated, get to know the methods i work with and situations i am great at co-creating and contributing to. ideally it should help you understand when to contact me and get the first impression of how we could work together. or maybe you will simply find here the motivation you were looking for to test things yourself.

this is the VISIBLE part of my work.


in my journey you will find all the things that need to happen for me to do my work and do it well. this is a section for reports from events i visited myself in my own learning process; conversations with others and myself about the world; dreaming about groups, organisations and communities and understanding those dreams by sharing them; and social metaphors i see around me and what from them i decode about organisations, the way we work and relate to each other. and some more…

this is the part of my work that often remains HIDDEN.

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