QSym was the first large online event PicoQuant organised. They care for a professional, community oriented event, that would allow participants to experience at least a bit of the serendipity we all love so much in in-person meetings. There was little space for error. We put extra care in preparation, hackatons, general rehearsals and onboarding of team & speakers.
In this case we created a complete virtual environment including:
- researching and comparing hosting platforms
- coding a dedicated conference app, with integrated live sessions, networking, registration,
- setting-up a platform for Poster Session, allowing participants to move freely between tables, see & hear each other, view presented Poster in great resolution & contribute to a collaborative whiteboard
- hosting interactive breaks
- offering unforgettable entertainment programme

And gush, was it worth it! At some point we were even doing magic tricks with participants joining us on stage. To quote one of the participants:

"A great "thank you" to all speakers, attendees but especially the organisation team. I am impressed that this virtual meeting went so smoothly.​"


Since 2016, a network of organizational pioneers has been gathering to address the sacred in leadership. We created LASP as a place to support each other as we shed conventions and embrace new forms. We were aware that there was not yet a shared language for what we felt and were compelled to explore with regard to Leading as Sacred Practice. We were also committed to inquiry, not ideology. Over the next four years, our intention resulted in three large gatherings in Germany and the United States. In community, we learned much about what brings us closer to the sacred in leadership.​