fourth recording: 16.-21. september 2014, WOSonOS14 – world open space on open space, belgrade, serbia


building 1

building 3

– entering, the city feels heavy…

why am i here

– why am i really here?



– sometimes one sentence can make all the difference / an ode to whatever happens is the only thing that could have – and making it so!





access queen 1

silent auction

– on access queen and what a difference it makes to be invited to hold a role.




– a word or two about the frame / invitation





ps. what happened at the end of the event was bigger than our fantasies could ever get. our (sylwia myszka + mine) invitation to organise the next european learning exchange on open space (LEXOS) in 2015, which we expressed a year ago in utrecht on the last european LEXOS got elevated to poland hosting the next WOSONOS. thank you agnieszka wawrzyniak for not becoming realistic about your dream :) and a big “thank you” for the community for sensing and responding to the OST energy in poland.


below you can see me trying to talk some sense to aga (“c’mon, the WOSonOS is in europe now, next year it will be on another continent”, “others have expressed their invitation way earlier”, “it sometimes takes years for the community to accept an invitation”, “we have been inviting for a year now to the next LEXOS”). luckily – unsuccessfully.

aga&i on teh roof.



and a documentation of the work in progress & the astonishing result.





10-13 september 2015,

place: poland, most probably krakow.