first post.

i am starting this blog, because despite 15 years in the business of supporting team-work, deep dialogue and transformation i still get perplex by the question “who is your typical customer?”. i just recently realised that i have maybe been searching for the answer in the wrong places. seems like for me is not a sector, a type of company or a position in organisational hierarchy. it is rather the WHO, then the WHAT, relating to a complete person. i am best in working with brave people, curious ones, committed to what they do, who are tempted to go new ways and experiment, taking the risk of failing at points along the way.
my experience shows they do not “grow” certain places, but are distributed all over – in start-ups, large corporations, family businesses, networks of professionals or coincidental coffee places. so there is no one place you would go to, if you wanted to meet them. and yes, they are a gem to find. i think – to a certain extend so am i. i never worked in a large company and never belonged to any formal association of professionals. this makes me difficult to find. still, i am an entrepreneur through and through, with two companies in two countries and a couple of communities i am an active member of, and a strong international network. i know people appreciate my presence and work, when they get a chance to meet me in real life. but to a certain extend – i have to admit – i was keeping myself an offline secret. now i want to be easier to find, because i deeply wish to work more with the people and in settings, where i can put my true best into action. it is time to get out of the closet. time to get out into the world.


this blog is created with you in mind: people with whom and for whom i want to work, colleagues, fellow makers & social activists, other fellow humans, captivated by reflecting about the world we create.