on becoming who you are



in times of turmoil – which recently seem to be accurate every day more, than the day before – in our private lives, with our families, in our neighbourhoods, communities, in our organisations, in our leadership roles in the world – what stories we choose to put on stage matters a great deal.
working in the field of social innovation, often i deal with realities just emerging, realities that have a breath ago been not more but a dream, realities fragile, incomplete, not consequent. yet – they want to become, they are becoming, they prototype well and they inspire hearts with hope.

a story does not need to be big, or perfect, or ready. what is sufficient is that YOU decide it is time.

take our LEADERSHIP FESTIVAL. there are sufficient people who say:
“it will not work”
“you do not really know, what you are talking about”
“this is all a fantasy, a phase, it will pass. business reality are hard facts and results”

well, i have the freedom to choose and believe whatever the heck i want to. and i choose to believe, that we ARE actually designing a NEW way of relating to each other from our leadership positions. and all them, who say it is just a fairy-tale for the naÏve ones i say “it is called visionary”.

now more than ever it is important, which stories you listen to and which you voice. which you repeat to yourself. which you share with others. and which stories you put to sleep, leave in the storage, tell them it is not their time.

so no matter how challenging it is to hold your dearest story out there, for the world to see, in all the beauty of its imperfection – i stand here with you. shoulder to shoulder. i ain’t going nowhere. whenever you feel, like the world is too much or the challenges too many, remember: you curate your own story. decide what you focus on and what you kick out. pick the story you want to live. pick the story that is YOU in your best version. get ready. go out there. and dance with the world.

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