my journey

on becoming who you are

  in times of turmoil – which recently seem to be accurate every day more, than the day before – in our private lives, with our families, in our neighbourhoods, communities, in our organisations, in our leadership roles in the world – what stories we choose to put on stage matters a great deal. working in the field of social… Read more →

meditative social media? 

exploring VINE, the new social media platform for short (6 second) movies. the first diamond is a hash tag: #6secondsofpeace. here a sample. honestly? this is the first social media platfor where i see people BECOMING meditative. you will see me posting there!    Read more →

dreaming – on a warsaw-berlin train.

    dear c, i dreamt you came to collect me, to take my position as a shaman of our tribe. we were just in the middle of some simulation on four green heights, each of them covering a different leadership style / space / realm, with people devoted to it and the one who lead them, or rather represented… Read more →

why audio?

i get a lot of feedback, that you guys enjoy the recordings. that is great to hear! i love making them :) i have to admit, i did not plan to make an audio-blog, it just kinda happened. but the truth is – i love recording (e.g. audiobooks) and there is a part of me, which never really accepted that… Read more →

first post.

i am starting this blog, because despite 15 years in the business of supporting team-work, deep dialogue and transformation i still get perplex by the question “who is your typical customer?”. i just recently realised that i have maybe been searching for the answer in the wrong places. seems like for me is not a sector, a type of company… Read more →